Lara Film

Lara film is the 2019 German drama, directed by Jan-Ole Gerster, is a movie that is a 1 hour and 38 minute long film packed full of drama!

Lara Film
Lara Film

Lara film is about a strict civil servant who is committed to the career of her piano virtuoso’s son, Viktor, all the while leaving behind her own life’s pursuits.

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In Lara Film, Lara has the best reason to celebrate: it’s her son’s, Viktor’s career marking piano concert.  Lara was, after all, the person who’d mapped out and pushed his musical career. Yet Viktor has been unreachable for weeks and not anything shows that Lara could be welcome at his debut performance. She goes on to buy up all the tickets that were not sold yet and gives them out to everybody she meets. When Lara strives to make the event successful, however, the greater the evening gets out of control.

Lara Film of 2019, Cast:

• Corinna Harfouch – Lara Jenkins

Corinna Harfouch
Corinna Harfouch

• Tom Schilling – Viktor Jenkins

Tom Schilling
Tom Schilling

• Rainer Bock – Paul Jenkins

Rainer Bock
Rainer Bock

• Volkmar Kleinert – Prof. Reinhoffer

Volkmar Kleinert
Volkmar Kleinert

• André Jung – Mr. Czerny

Andre Jung
Andre Jung

• Gudrun Ritter – Lara’s mother

Gudrun Ritter
Gudrun Ritter

Some reviews from 2019 and 2020 of Lara Film:

“Corinna Harfouch gives an exceptional and carefully controlled performance as Lara.”

“A captivating humiliation that descends into complexity.”

“Between the writing, the confident direction and the calm camera, we see a complex woman who is difficult and decidedly unsympathetic, and yet we understand her.”

“One of the many important lessons from the life of
that Gerster brings to “Lara” is the idea that people have to ignore criticism and risk humiliation in order to achieve something Important things to achieve.”

“The hardest thing about [Lara] is that she forces us to empathize with a woman he can’t avoid destroying everything he touches.”

“Director J to Ole] Gerster did an amazing job directing the film!”

“A surprisingly amazing Corinna Harfouch!

“Some sections were quiet and brutal enough to make me think of Christian Petzold.”

“Although the film is quite non-direct, it does hint at Gerster and Harfouch being two people who we should pay more attention to.”

“Lara’s episodic narrative produces as many dead ends as pleasant moments and the result is the narrative’s fight of a woman.”

“A haunting comedy of awkwardness that evolves into a moving exploration of a life lost and
missed opportunities.”

In conclusion,

Lara film is a 2019 drama movie starring Corinna Harfouch as Lara Jenkins struggling to support her son’s virtuoso piano career while trading off her owns life’s ambitions.

Lara Film: Source BFI Youtube Channel

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