Krankheit Fasd

What is Krankheit Fasd?

Krankheit Fasd is the German word for the English abbreviation of FASD, which stands for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Krankheit Fasd
Krankheit Fasd

Krankheit Fasd is the most common congenital disability when expectant mothers drink alcohol during pregnancy. There is a high risk that they will give birth to a disabled child. Krankheit Fasd (FASD) is also one of the most common congenital disabilities in Germany.

The term FASD summarizes a whole spectrum of consequences that can be attributed to maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy.The best known is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

Children with FAS may experience the following symptoms:

Krankheit Fasd
Krankheit Fasd
  • Small head
  • Facial abnormalities 
  • Notable behavioral problems
Krankheit Fasd
Krankheit Fasd

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the most severe form of FASD and results from the mother drinking too much alcohol during pregnancy.

But even the smallest drinking amounts harm the child, which is often not visible from the outside. However, these children have to deal with serious deficits in everyday life. They show developmental disabilities, memory and learning difficulties, impaired impulse control, propensity for socially inappropriate behavior and hyperactivity. Their ability to act is limited and they often do not learn from mistakes.

How is FASD caused?

Alcohol passes directly through the placenta into the fetal bloodstream. The child “drinks” and is just as drunk as the mother. Since alcohol is a cell division poison, it has a detrimental effect on the developing organism. Alcohol affects the development of the internal organs, but especially the brain and nervous system.

Experts estimate that round 10,000 toddlers with alcohol-associated disorders (Krankheit Fasd, FASD) are born in Germany each year. Presumably greater than 2,000 of those have the best diploma of harm – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This makes FAS one of the most common congenital disabilities in Germany.

Krankheit Fasd figures:

Experts estimate that there about 10,000 toddlers with alcohol-associated disorders (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, FASD) are born in Germany each year. Presumably greater than 2,000 of those have the best diploma of harm – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This makes FAS one of the maximum not unusualplace congenital disabilities in Germany.

The exact figures of the frequency of Krankheit Fasd is not precise, due to the fact that the affects are regularly now no longer diagnosed or now no longer efficaciously diagnosed. The main reason is because of the problem of positively diagnosing it. Furthermore, healthcare workers regularly have reservations expressing suspicions of the symptoms to the parents. Moreover, they are not sufficiently trained in Krankheit Fasd and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome themselves.

How is FASD prevented?

FASDs would be completely preventable if expectant mothers consistently abstained from alcohol during pregnancy. As soon as alcohol harms the child in the womb, it suffers from the consequences for life. There is no permitted amount of alcohol that is safe for a child. Therefore: No dripping alcohol during pregnancy! How does it help children with FASD?

FASD cannot be cured, but its effects can certainly be alleviated. Through targeted support, improvements in sub-areas such as language or movement skills can be achieved. Developmental opportunities for children with FASD are enhanced when they live in a stable family environment that is willing to accommodate their needs to the children’s limited abilities. and that gives them love, closeness and trust.

In conclusion:

Krankheit Fasd is the German word for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and is a widely common disease in Germany. The symptoms and the affects to children being born with Krankheit Fasd is of a grave concern. It is important to spread awareness to friends, family and everyone about abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy. It is also important that the government and the healthcare industries assist in the proper training and education of identifying the disease in hopes of preventing the increase in the future.

Krankheit Fasd
Krankheit Fasd

Krankheit Fasd can be prevented simply by not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. It IS that simple.


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