Gaura Pflanze

Gaura Pflanze is the German term for Gaura Plants in English. Gaura Pflanze are flowering plants that grow natively in North America.

Gaura Pflanze
Gaura Pflanze

The flowers are white, pink or a mixture of both colors. The flowering periods of the flowers is from early summer to mid-autumn. They grow on wiry stems that can reach 3 to 4 feet tall and each flower has 4 petals that grow upwards.

Gaura Pflanze are a genus of flowering plants in the family Onagraceae, native to North America . The genus includes many species commonly known as bee flowers. Recent genetic research has shown that the genus is paraphyletic unless the monotypic genus Stenosiphon is included in Gaura, which moves the number of  its species in its genus to 22.

Gaura Pflanze are native to Mexico and Texas, and its name means in Spanish Excellent. It is an attractive and drought tolerant shrub. Gaura does well in a sunny environment with light, well-drained soil.

In its original native form, it will grow to a height of 36 inches and extends about one meter wide.

Some are slightly smaller in climate zones with less sun.

Gaura Pflanze
Gaura Pflanze

However, Gaura Pflanze can thrive quite well when it gets as much sun as possible and supplied with good, aerated soil.

Gaura Pflanze are easy plants to take care of are available in several varieties. They make a beautiful addition to almost any garden.

The right variety will give your summer garden a fresh look.

Gaura Pflanze are beautiful and robust. In hot and dry climate zones, it gives the garden a light and airy touch. In late summer, when most plants are looking a bit worn, Gaura Pflanze are bright and robost.

The white flowers change to pink in your garden for color and freshness.

The beaters of ‘Butterflies Gaura’ are scattered in the centre, the plants give colour. When the lilies and other bulbs finish their bloom, the leaves of the iris provide a beautiful background.

This attractive perennial will bring its own beauty and charm to your garden.

Gaura Pflanze
Gaura Pflanze

Gaura Pflanze attracts butterflies from late spring to fall on to add color and interest to flowers.

There are about 20 plant species of the Gaura Pflanze, such as the Dark Beauty Pink Gaura. They all consist of cheerful dark green leaves and attractive ruffled flowers.

Gaura Pflanze
Gaura Pflanze

Some popular Gaura Pflanze varieties are:

Swirling Butterfly

Butterfly Gaura

Biennale Gaura

Corrie’s Gold


Siskiyou Pink –  (Gaura Lindheimer) Rose Pink flowers

Wall Flower

White Gaura

Gaura Pflanze
Gaura Pflanze

In conclusion, no matter what variety of Gaura Pflanze you may choose to plant, Gaura Pflanze is an excellent companion for spring onions, tubers and any garden that you may have!

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