Minions Jokes

Minions Jokes

Top 25 Feliz Lunes Memes

We have collected best Feliz Lunes Memes for you; enjoy Top 25 Feliz Lunes Memes. It’s always good to start a new day and new week on Monday. Monday is the day of the week that gives us opportunity to make a new start of the week towards our goals. Save and share Top 25 …

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Minion Memes for Moms

Mother’s relationship is an undefined affiliation that only demands love, affection and kindness. No one can pay the mother for her love and sincerity for her kids. Parents are like a shadow, and we must felt the cooling of this shadow and must take care of our parents. Minion Memes for Moms are best to …

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27 Work Memes Friday

Friday is a Holy day for many religions. Along with its Holy importance it is also important from business point of view as it is the last working day of the week. Everyone wants to complete his/her assignment on the Friday to enjoy the weekend. Here we have collected 27 Work Memes Friday for you, …

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22 Funny Mind Tricks Images

Our mind is the most complex and fascinating part of the body. On hand it can solve complex mathematical calculations while on the other hand it can be easily deceived by simple conditions. Let’s see how your brain will tackle the best collection of 22 funny mind tricks images. 22 Funny Mind Tricks Images

27 Funny Study Quotes

If you want to get high score in exams you have to stay focus and attentive while you are studying. Fun during study can distract your mind, but the same fun can also refresh mind to learn the next lesson. We have collected 27 Funny Study Quotes; these will help you to refresh your mind …

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Happy Minions Quotes

How this society will accept you if you don’t know about yellow creatures “The Minions”. Single or two eyed with blue shirt minions are all same. You will have to work hard to understand their language. They own a playful and wicked nature. They are also innocent, fun loving and heroic. Enjoy Happy Minions Quotes. Happy …

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Minion Language

Minions have been started in 2010 and till now we have seen number of mini minion movies. In these movies we hear yellow characters speaking some language. This language seems ambiguous and nonsense. When a close analysis of their voice has been done it became clear that that are actually speaking words and delivering their …

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What are Minions?

If you don’t know about Minions then don’t consider yourself a part of this world. If you think you have seen minions before, you are right. The minions’ design was inspired by the Jawas from Star Wars and the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They are super cute creation that lives in our hearts because of …

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