Funny Minions Pictures

Funny Minions Pictures

McDonald’s Minions

McDonald’s Minions yes this is the new thing you get in the McDonald’s. The people who are happy with the food stay happy in the world. Health and beauty are strongly related to each other and if you want to be beautiful it will not be possible without good, healthy and hygienic food.  McDonald is …

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Top 25 Funny Instagram Captions

Strong captions can improve the value and rating of your picture. Some pictures need captions because without caption people will draw their own assumptions about a photo. In many cases readers read caption first than watching the picture. Save and use these Top 25 Funny Instagram Captions for your Instagram photos. Top 25 Funny Instagram …

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27 Biology Memes

Academically the study of life is known as biology but when we deal with internet and social media we can say the study of memes is called Biology. Memes are life of social media. People explore and study its various features. Share these 27 Biology Memes with your school and college mates. 27 Biology Memes

20 Despicable Me Memes

Despicable means the one who deserve hater and rage . The one who considered to be ugly and disliked by everyone . The one who cause harm to everyone . But here we will be talking about an animated film that is based on minion life and it is all about fun and laugh . …

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Top 28 Funny Quotes

Life is not funny but yeah you can be funny and bring smile to others face. Its a highly appreciable act of humanity to make someone smile in their hard and tough times. However, your funniness should not be a source of agony for others . In this regard we have planned to bring that …

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Happy Minions Quotes

How this society will accept you if you don’t know about yellow creatures “The Minions”. Single or two eyed with blue shirt minions are all same. You will have to work hard to understand their language. They own a playful and wicked nature. They are also innocent, fun loving and heroic. Enjoy Happy Minions Quotes. Happy …

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Minion Language

Minions have been started in 2010 and till now we have seen number of mini minion movies. In these movies we hear yellow characters speaking some language. This language seems ambiguous and nonsense. When a close analysis of their voice has been done it became clear that that are actually speaking words and delivering their …

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What are Minions?

If you don’t know about Minions then don’t consider yourself a part of this world. If you think you have seen minions before, you are right. The minions’ design was inspired by the Jawas from Star Wars and the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They are super cute creation that lives in our hearts because of …

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29 Minion Memes about Work

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action” (William James). Minion memes are helpful to get the attentions. If you are exhausted to get yourself motivated to get some work done then these 29 minion memes about work will help you to stand up for your goals. 29 Minion Memes …

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Best 40 Very Funny Minion Quotes

Minions are taking internet by storm there are now everywhere, sharing fun & Love, so we also have more fun for you, here we go with more Funniest Minions Quotes, Enjoy them