Billy Costacurta Prima Moglie

Nel 1994 ha sposato Floriana Lainati, dalla quale ha divorziato due anni dopo.Nel 2003 Sacra Rota ha accettato l’annullamento del matrimonio tra i due e Costacurta ha sposato la moglie dello spettacolo.La ragazza Martina Colombari il 16 giugno 2004,

Thinking emoji gif

We have encountered the hilarious gifs and emojis but thinking emoji gif is the most used gif by all of us in the world. like other thinking memes i.e over thinking meme, thinking of you memes this is also getting famous on internet. This emoji is a reaction to someone’s statement when you couldn’t understand, …

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Kevin Minion

Kevin Minion is one of the famous minion character in minions movies, Despicable me and exclusive minion movie, Kevin is the taller one and at times he might seem to be little more smarter than Bob and staurt … While you are here I have also collected some funny minion quotes which i am sure …

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Minions are surely a way to make you happy, and how about minions hilarious memes, well there are kind of double does, so following is your double fun dose, hoping you will enjoy them, try to share th fun with your friends

Latest 30 Funny Minions quotes of the week

Bellow following are some latest minions memes and jokes, one quote that applies so much today and I wanted to share here ” You are so fake that even China denied making you ” spread love, check these memes

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Minions don’t only spread laughs and giggles they share love too, here are some cool love quotes from Minions