Arm Übungen Gym

Arm Übungen Gym are exercises for your arms. The following will give you some exercises that works great for building your arms.

Here are 10 best Arm Übungen Gym to build your arms:

  1. EZ Bar Curl
  2. Concentration Curl
  3. Hammer Curl
  4. Biceps Cable Curl
  5. Chin Ups
  6. Dumbell Skullcrushers
  7. Dips
  8. JMPress
  9. Triceps Pushdown
  10. Triceps Kickback

EZ-Bar Curls

Turn your hands turn inward slightly, alleviating any wrist pain which will allow you to lift more weights than would be possible with a straight bar. 

Ez-bar curl best arm exercise
EZ-Bar Curl | Source: Shutterstock

Concentration Curls

How to Do Concentration Curls?

Place your free hand on your knee or brace it on a bench. Extend the weighted arm straight down. Keep your arm in a straight line and lift the weight up to your opposite shoulder. You will feel a strong contraction in your bicep. 

Hammer Curls

How to Do the Hammer Curls?

Hold one dumbbell in each hand have your palms facing one another. Stand straight and curl the weights up to your shoulders.

Biceps Cable Curls

How to do the Cable Curls?

Using a cable pulley and an EZ-bar, slowly curl the bar up to your shoulders and then lower it back down in a controlled fashion. Continue with repetitions. 


How to do the Chin-ups?

Grab and hang your body on a pull-up bar or a tree branch. Then lift your body up to the bar until your chin extends over the bar, then begin descending back down. Repeat for repetitions.

Dumbbell Skull Crushers

How to Do the Dumbbell Skull Crushers?

Using light or moderate weighted dumbbells. Lay down on your back on a bench with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Lift both dumbbells up over your chest. Extend your arms fully and face your palms towards one other. Then lower them back down in the same reverse direction in a controlled fashion. Repeat.


How to Do Dips?

Using a pull-up bar with a built in dip bar, suspend yourself between the two parallel dip-bars. Lift yourself up and down in a 90 degree angle and repeat for repititions.

J.M. Presses 

In this exercise, you lower the bar to your neck while keeping your elbows tucked to isolate the triceps. This bench press allows you to place a heavier load on your triceps.

Triceps Pushdowns

In this classic, using a cable machine, by pushing down with only your triceps, you fully isolate them.

Triceps Pushdown
Source: Lyashenko Egor at Shutterstock

Triceps Kickbacks

Using dumbells, you lift and drive the dumbbell straight back behind you. Use light weight that is comfortable for you.  

How many times should you Arm Übungen Gym?

You should work out your arms 8 to 12 sets a week per arm muscles, such as biceps or triceps. You do not need to train your arms a lot each week because the muscles are much smaller than your legs or chest. Your arms are much smaller than the chest and legs, so you may not need as much volume.  

Biceps curl arm exercises
Source: Improvisor at Shutterstock

You should also split up your Arm Übungen Gym. For example, your triceps are for pushing and your biceps are for pulling. There isolate those days for each one.

Check out this video below and get arm training, today!

Source: Youtube Channel | BRIGHT SIDE


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