Day: November 9, 2022

v wie vendetta

V Wie Vendetta

V Wie Vendetta is V for Vendetta, a 2005 political dystopian film by James McTeigue. It was a screeplay from the Wachowskis. What does the V stand for in V Wie Vendetta? The V is for Vendetta. It depicts a future dystopian England after the ravaged pandemic, war and famine. Oppressive and powerful leaders siege control over …

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Meme Maker Spiel

Meme Maker Spiel

Meme Maker Spiel are Meme maker games. Meme Maker games or generators are a trend now. There are many online meme generators that shows memes and people vote on them or where you can even create your own memes. Below, we will list some games and sites that offer Meme Maker Spiels: The first Meme …

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