Day: September 14, 2022



A schildkröte is called a tortoise in English and is a reptile that can move its head and legs into a hard shell for protection. Schildkröte are slow moving creatures that eats plants and sleeps during the winter. Schildkröte are entirely terrestrial and can be found on every continent except Australia andAntarctica. They inhabit islands from South America to Africa and Asia. There are up to forty-nine species of schildkröte, with shells ranging …

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ping anrufe

Ping Anrufe

What are ping anrufe? Ping Anrufe are called “ping calls” in English and they are scam calls that are made to purposely ring for a short while in order for you NOT to pick up the phone, but for you to call them back. Once you fall for the trick of calling them back, you …

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