Month: September 2022

Seelenverwandte Skizze

Seelenverwandte Skizze

Seelenverwandte Skizze is translated as SoulMate Sketch in English. Seelenverwandte Skizze or SoulMate Sketch allows you to get a sketch of your soulmate, a reading and a character description of your true soulmate within 24 hours. Are you ready to meet your soulmate? A soulmate is associated with a love partner that you were “meant” …

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Ablauf is the German translation for Exipure. Ablauf is an all-natural weight loss dietary supplement that helps people lose weight healthily and naturally using 8 Exotic Ingredients found in nature. Ablauf or Exipure is especially helpful for people that have been trying to lose weight through diet and exercise but still find it difficult. Stubborn …

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Zungenpflaster are tongue patches in English. Zungenpflaster are called geographic tongue or tongue patches in English. They can be seen as smooth, red patches of different shapes and sizes on the tongue. The symptoms is an inflamed portion of the surface of the tongue but is a harmless condition. Is it normal to have zungenpflaster? …

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Fliegenlarve is German for Fly Larva in English. Are Fliegenlarve maggots? Yes, maggots are fliegenlarve, from the common house flies. Flies are attracted to food and other debris; they lay their eggs in the trash; later maggots hatch from the eggs. How do fliegenlarve get into your house? Flies enter through open windows or doors …

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Nordwind Gras

Nordwind Gras

Nordwind Gras is an ornamental grass that is very robust and is part of the sweet grass family. It looks very much like a bush of tall grass growing. Its leaves are bluish-green and stands upright to a height of 180 centimeters. The leaves are a waxy substance which makes it very drought resistance. Nordwind …

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Lara Film

Lara Film

Lara film is the 2019 German drama, directed by Jan-Ole Gerster, is a movie that is a 1 hour and 38 minute long film packed full of drama! Lara film is about a strict civil servant who is committed to the career of her piano virtuoso’s son, Viktor, all the while leaving behind her own …

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A schildkröte is called a tortoise in English and is a reptile that can move its head and legs into a hard shell for protection. Schildkröte are slow moving creatures that eats plants and sleeps during the winter. Schildkröte are entirely terrestrial and can be found on every continent except Australia andAntarctica. They inhabit islands from South America to Africa and Asia. There are up to forty-nine species of schildkröte, with shells ranging …

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ping anrufe

Ping Anrufe

What are ping anrufe? Ping Anrufe are called “ping calls” in English and they are scam calls that are made to purposely ring for a short while in order for you NOT to pick up the phone, but for you to call them back. Once you fall for the trick of calling them back, you …

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Krankheit Fasd

Krankheit Fasd

What is Krankheit Fasd? Krankheit Fasd is the German word for the English abbreviation of FASD, which stands for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Krankheit Fasd is the most common congenital disability when expectant mothers drink alcohol during pregnancy. There is a high risk that they will give birth to a disabled child. Krankheit Fasd (FASD) is also one of the most common congenital …

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Gaura Pflanze

Gaura Pflanze

Gaura Pflanze is the German term for Gaura Plants in English. Gaura Pflanze are flowering plants that grow natively in North America. The flowers are white, pink or a mixture of both colors. The flowering periods of the flowers is from early summer to mid-autumn. They grow on wiry stems that can reach 3 to 4 feet tall and each flower has 4 petals that grow upwards. Gaura …

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